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LAGER – ‚Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’                                       5.2 % Vol.

International Pale Lager combining british lager malts and bottom fermenting yeast is brewed in a traditional way using a single hop. Bright with a straw color and a light head. Floral and grainy it hits you with its light bitter finish.

The easy companion to your dinner party with friends. Our Lager is everybodys darling.

BLONDE       ‚Sweet sins are golden’                                                        5,4 % Vol.

Somewhere between golden amber lies our high fermented Belgium Blonde style beer. Its earthy and honey sweetness comes from a combination of malts and candi sugar. With its creamy head and smooth texture it makes the ideal treat for any time of the day.

ENGLISH IPA ‚Nothing for beginners’                                                       6.0 % Vol.

A trio of malts and hops play together to create a resinious, citric and malty aroma Brewed using traditional methods and fermented at high temperature give it a deep copper coloured body. It is low carbonated, so you can soak in ist full complexity.

The beerlover can lean back in his armchair infront of the fire enjoying a very special experience.

SESSION IPA ‚The devil is a squirrel’                                                       3.8 % Vol.

Our sessionable copper colored IPA has an extra ratio of hops. It shows off with its tropical, flower and citric aromas. Light-bodied and bubbly it knocks you off your feet.

BARREL AGED RUSSIAN IMPERIAL STOUT     ‚Maya’                                  10,1 % Vol.

Barrel Aged 12 months in Garnatxa D.O Empordà Oak Barrels. With a hint of vanilla.
Black colored, malty with a light creamy head this stout makes every moment royal.


BARREL AGED PALE ALE                                                                     4,5 % Vol.

Barrel Aged 9 months in sweet Garnatxa Oak Barrels D.O Empordà. Tropical, sweet and slightly woody.  It is Orange-copper colored with a light head.

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