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Meet the brewer

Nash Dérégnieaux

Passionate about food and cooking from childhood on, Nash left home at the age of 15 to attend cooking school at Westminster Kingsway College in London. Here he learned the techniques of combining ingredients and creating new flavours in a professional way until he graduated in 2008. He then started working in various high-class kitchens around the world, such as Atelier Crenn in California, Hooked in Melbourne and Les Bacchanales in the South of France that triggered his curiosity about different cultures and their varying approaches to the preparation of food and drink.

In 2012 he first started integrating a homebrew kit into his kitchen. Using his skills as a chef he tried to combine food and drinks to create a "whole experience". He developed a great passion for the highly technical aspects of brewing and, thrilled by the challenge of creating a perfectly balanced and complex drinking experience, decided in 2015 to give up cooking and dedicate his whole energy to brewing.

Fascinated by the world of brewing, he travelled through Europe to visit craft breweries in Austria, the Czech Republic and south Germany. He came back buzzing with ideas and inspiration and finally decided to open his own brewery in his home town of Besalú, Catalunya.

"The actual drinking reflects only the very last part of the process"


His background as a professional chef and his experience in various Michelin star restaurants influences his style of brewing, as does his deep connection to nature and all it has to offer.

Nash is devoted to using only the highest quality ingredients in the creation of his full-flavoured craft beers. This includes seasonal variations with hand-picked ingredients from the region as well as the integration of new elements from foreign cultures to deliver a rounded, authentic and unique drinking experience.

"The actual drinking reflects only the very last part of the process". Therefore his concept is to invite the beer-lover to dive into the world of brewing by visiting the Hopsters brewery and taproom in the medieval town of Besalú. Apart from having the opportunity to taste all the beers, visitors can also get an individual tour through the brewery area and learn about the process that lies behind the making of them.

Authenticity, honesty and passion for beers should shine through each bottle!

"a whole experience"

Meet the team

Nathan Dérégnieaux
Co-founder, Design & Photopgraphy
Nathan studied cooking at Hoffman in Barcelona before working as head chef in Les Bacchanales, Southern France. Following his second passion, he undertook a photography diploma at Grisat. At Hopsters, in addition to executive decisions, he is in charge of designing advertising material, as well as photography.
Ferran Ribes
Production & logistics
Ferran has been supporting us since 2017 in all matters of production and hands on tasks. Besides him still actively practicing as a lawyer for social rights at the council of Girona, he consults Hopsters in all legal terms. Born and raised in Banyoles he has a deep connection to the local area.
Lisa Kern
Community Manager
Lisa holds a Bachelors degree in Management of Social Innovation from the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. Working for an Innovation Consultancy, using the Netnography tool to discover consumer needs and trends. At Hopsters Lisa has been using her expertise to make sure the clients' perspective is always taken into account.
Isaac Rodriguez
Events & Customer Care
IIsac is supporting the team at all kinds of events, fairs and
customer care tasks. As a trained physical education teacher he enjoys the diversity and social aspect of event management.


We are surrounded by the stunning scenery of Besalú, one of Catalunya's top sights to visit.
You shouldn't miss a walk across the famous romanic bridge as well as a stroll through the historical old town which takes you back to medieval times.

honest. local. fresh.

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